We are not familiar with the company FOR BELLA Company. I know that it may seem rude but can you explain more about your company?

There is no need for you to feel rude. In fact, it is necessary that you ask that question.
FOR BELLA Co. formally known as ‘Nurim Tech’ or ‘Nurim Digiwon’, is a Hair Beauty Device manufacturing
company that develops products and exports OEM to many oversea markets.
We are currently working to be recognized by domestic customers for our product’s great quality.
For this reason, we have established business operations in Korea.
We have just begun to operate in Korea but we are doing our best to achieve our goals.
Again, we apologize for not introducing the products to our countrymen ahead.
However, during the current year we will try our best to approach our customers.
We are soon to be introduced by many beauty companies, magazines, home-shopping, and many stores
so customers can easily meet with our products.
Your support and consideration will accelerate us to introduce our products to customers.
Thank you.
  Is there a discount when buying Hair Magic Device in a large quantity for union workers?

First of all, we thank you for inquiring us.
We appreciate each and every purchase whether it is in a large quantity or not.
However, when purchasing in a large amount, we provide a suitable price (price-related merits)
regarding each model and price.
Please give us a call at the Customer Service (+82-2-2671-9715).
We are happy to hear and answer to all inquiries.
In addition, we provide services related to logo and etc.
Thank you for your support.
  What causes hair to fall out and how should we deal with it? Any Hair-Caring Methods?

Our company values each and every customer.
We are doing our best to solve any inconvenience that our customers experience.
If the inconvenience is not solved through our website, please contact us at the Customer Service (+82-2-2671-9715).
We will answer to your questions in detail with the data and document that we hold.
Thank You
  Tell me more about your Hair Restorer Products.

Our Hair Restorer (For bold head) and Hair Catalyst (for faster growth of existing hair) contain
purely natural ingredients and thus they do not have any side effects on human body nor do they
have stimulative odor.
Our Hair Restorer products are proven by oriental medical science for allowing blood circulate
smoothly thereby appropriating restoration of hair.
It is also effective for preserving ‘Ki (Energy)’

Products are known to be effective for blackening the white hair.
However, in order to assure customers of its effectiveness, products are currently
under inspection at KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration).
The results arranged to be announced in September and we will then make further announcement.
We thank you for your interest in our products and please wait until we can reach you
with well-founded proofs related to the efficiency of our products.
  What is the material used to produce Beauty Scissors?

All our products are processed by Kim Sang Ho, a professional beauty-scissor artisan.
Not only the product itself shows a great quality but it also is made of great materials in various types.
Materials differ according to each model and their prices.
For more inquiries, please contact us via phone (+82-2-2671-9715)
  What is the advantage of your product Hair Magic Device over all other products?

There are many Hair Magic Device in the market in many prices.
What is the advantage of your product Hair Magic Device over all other products?

As you all know, there are three types of Hair Magic Device ON/OFF Type, Analog Type,
Digital Type. And their prices and characteristics vary according to each type.

Our company provides many types of product from old models to new models and
some products can be seemed as a home use device.
However, all our products are designed for a professional user and we assure customers of high-quality.
Also, we think that the price is inexpensive compared to its quality.
Especially, LHC-NDT31 is a high-tech digital hair Hair Magic Device that provides
various functions
(TURBO Function, Temperature Converting Function, Automatic Turn-OFF Function when overheated, and more)
  Is there an A/S for the Heating Irons?

We take 100% responsibility for a defective product for an year only if the product is not
damaged by the customer.
More inquiries about our A/S can be found at our website or call us at the Customer Center via phone
We will answer quickly and promptly.
  Is it possible to purchase beauty Scissors in a small quantity?

Absolutely, for more details please contact us by the phone (+82-2-2671-9715) or
visit us at our website for purchases.
  Is it true that your Hair Magic Device become really hot very rapidly?

Many customers have made positive evaluations after changing the product to our Hair Magic Device.
As customers have experienced, our product Hair Magic Device is instantly heated
after connecting it to the power source and can be used right away.
  How and where can I purchase the products from FOR BELLA Co.?

First of all, we thank you for your interest in our products. In order to purchase our products,
visit FOR BELLA Co. website online and contact us through [Customer Service]-[Purchasing Inquiry]
menu on the website for prompt and honest answers.
For an urgent or a mass purchase, please contact us through the phone (+82-2-2671-9715)